16 February 2010

JFX Blocks (GUI) 0.2 Released

JFX Blocks (GUI) 0.2 has been released on Kenai. This is the result of the challenge I had assigned to myself, which is to create 10 JavaFX controls (non-visual/visual) within a month. I can definitely say I have met the challenge. JFX Blocks (GUI) release contains the following controls (non-visual and visual):

  • Anchor
  • Navigator (Known as NavigatorBlock)
  • Split View
  • Button Bar
  • Image Button
  • Navigator Bar
  • Slide View
  • Status Bar
  • Ticker
  • Toolbar

Do note that this release like JFX Blocks (Core) has not been tested on the mobile side. Currently the look for each control has not yet been finalised since I am trying to work out how to provide a consistent look across both mobile and desktop, if possible. Hence the controls do not have a very polished look as they are very much a work in progress.

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