13 April 2010

Use Of JavaFX Script

JavaFX Script is currently being used in interesting places and is enjoying increased uptake. One indication of this is the TIOBE Index which provides a rough indication of programming language trends. It is a great place to visit to see what programming languages should be looked at. Currently JavaFX Script is at position 22 on the index. I would expect JavaFX Script to reach the top 20 next month which is a realistic view provided the growth considerably increases from its present rate.

Among the most interesting uses of JavaFX Script is as a DSL for JSF, which is currently being developed by Exadel. Although it is in the early stages some people may see it as viable option when its first version is completed. Some people find using a markup language to be highly inflexible and cumbersome when creating a front end application, so there is room for JavaFX Script to handle that area.

Recently there was an article published on Java Lobby on using JavaFX Script to develop a basic NetBeans platform application. Personally I see this as a major area when JavaFX Script can enjoy a good rate of adoption provided there is a good level of support. It isn't a surprise to see this happening since there is a considerable interest in using JavaFX Script as an alternative to Java for creating NB platform applications. One can expect this to further increase as time goes on.

Oracle should take note that JavaFX Script requires a significant level of development in order to stay relevant. Dropping support for the language would be a huge mistake that would greatly set back JavaFX. Oracle may not fully realise the potential that JavaFX Script has with being able to unify front end development across different hardware platforms (desktop, mobile, TV). Why cease development of a technology that is starting to see a reasonable amount of adoption?

If you are using JavaFX Script in an interesting way then please let me know through the comments. What needs to be known are the major use cases for JavaFX Script, which will make it easier to improve it for its target markets.

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