25 May 2010

JFX Blocks (Core) 0.4 Released

JFX Blocks (Core) 0.4 has been released on Kenai. Here is the list of the major changes for this release:

  • New Unit Testing system
  • New Expect, and UnitTest classes (in org.jfx_blocks.core) for the new Unit Testing system
  • New Month class (in org.jfx_blocks.core) covers months for dates
  • Replaced classes that are only found in JSE (Java Standard Edition) with ones that are in the JavaFX Common profile, or in JSE/JME (Java Mobile Edition)
  • New ObjectRegistryBlock mixin (in org.jfx_blocks.core.block) which handles retrieving objects from a single place
  • LookupBlock mixin now supports using an object registry (see the point above) with the added objRegistry property
  • Added date/time functions to Utility class
  • Renamed resourceIdRegistry, and internalResourceIdRegistry properties in LookupBlock mixin to storageRegistry and jarRegistry
  • New DateValidator and TimeValidator classes (in org.jfx_blocks.core.validator)

Since the previous testing system that I used from JFXtras does not work on the mobile side, and the fact that it has not been updated fully to use JavaFX 1.3 (currently in beta) has lead to the creation of a new testing system. As a result the new system can be used for mobile and TV applications, not just the desktop ones since the system does not use reflection or JSE specific classes/functions.

Although I have tried to ensure that the core part of JFX Blocks can be used with mobile and TV applications there may be some JSE specific functions used. Should that be the case then there is still some work to do in order to make JFX Blocks (Core) mobile and TV compatible.

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