15 January 2011

Visage Roadmap

Based on what information I could gather from the discussions, Visage Issue DB, blog posts a clear enough picture has emerged on which to create a roadmap for Visage. Do note that the roadmap below is subject to change, some guesses have been made, and may not be entirely accurate.

Visage 1.0 (Beta 1) – 20 February?

  • Android 2 (eg 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3) and JavaFX 1 (eg 1.3) support
  • Default properties
  • Angle data type
  • Length data type (covering screen metrics, and metric measuring system)
  • Colour data type

Visage 1.0 (Beta 2) – 20 April?

  • Required properties
  • General built-in locale system for strings (locale lookup via fxproperties files)
  • Cascading properties
  • Map data type
  • Updated Android 2 library

Visage 1.0 (Stable) – 20 June?

  • Annotations support
  • Generics support
  • JavaFX 2 support
  • Basic tooling for Visage (eg programmer's text editor)

Post Visage 1.0

  • Basic built-in lookup system using cascading properties?
  • RTS (Reusable Type System)
  • Declarative functions
  • Add a more open license (BSD type one)
  • Application controller?

JavaFX 2 support will likely be delayed as much as possible to allow time to properly support the platform. Hopefully JavaFX 2 will be ready in time for its beta release. Some of the mentioned points may appear in earlier or later Visage releases. Main themes for Visage 1.0 is support for multiple development platforms (currently Android and JavaFX), enhanced property support, stronger platform API support, and additional data types.

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