16 December 2009

JFX Blocks (Core) 0.2 Released

On the 15th of December (NZDT) JFX Blocks (Core) 0.2 was released on Kenai. This release covers the following:

  • General utilities
  • Application specific utilities and the basic part of the application lifecycle
  • Basic IO facilities (reading from an InputStream and writing to an OutputStream)
  • Lookups of resources in Storage and in the application's JAR (has a basic lookup system)
  • Type converter for handling conversions between reference and primitive types (especially handy when using parts of the Java API that expect and/or return a primitive type)

Do note that this release has not been tested on the mobile side since there is no JavaFX mobile emulator for Linux at the moment. Temporarily provided with the release is a mixin for creating test cases (for Unit Testing) which will be removed with a later release of JFX Blocks (Core). As for samples there is a single one that will be released on Kenai soon. In many ways the JFX Blocks release pushes the boundaries of what JavaFX is capable of, and even exposes some areas that need to be addressed (e.g. the need for a Map data type).

Feel free to provided feedback since this is an experimental release that is exploring how to best provide a library to meet the needs of JavaFX developers. It has only just scratched the surface with meeting some of these needs. In particular the core part of the library is trying to address common functionality that a JavaFX developer needs in a new or existing JavaFX application.

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