23 November 2009

Current Status On JavaFX 1.3

Some news has been reported from the Devoxx 09 conference including what is currently happening with JavaFX. A lot of people who have been to the conference have reported that there will be a JavaFX GUI designer for NetBeans. It has been reported that the GUI designer will be part of the upcoming NetBeans 6.8 which is due to be released on the 10th of December (approx), unless there are any major delays. What is currently unknown about the GUI designer is whether or not it supports JavaFX 1.2, we will soon see if it does.

Some people at the conference have also reported that some of the new JavaFX 1.3 controls were demonstrated using the GUI designer for NetBeans. The major question is will JavaFX 1.3 come with NetBeans 6.8? Currently there is no official word on exactly what new controls will be included in JavaFX 1.3. What is an important question though is will the GUI designer handle the visual design of animations? Also how does the GUI designer differ from the JavaFX Authoring tool?

Prism may actually be the new JavaFX runtime starting with JavaFX 1.3? This is certainly confusing as I originally thought that prism was only a rendering system, all will be revealed when JavaFX 1.3 is released. One person who reported on the Prism demonstration at Devoxx mentioned that it is lightning fast performance wise. It will be interesting to see how that performance scales when there are many nodes on the scenegraph and/or a lot of binding is involved.

Unfortunately there is no official word on when the JavaFX mobile emulators will be released for Linux, although there is the old screenshot that shows the JME (Java Mobile Edition) 3 SDK in action on Linux. Hopefully the mobile emulators will be arriving soon. As always there is nothing official being released about the exact release date for JavaFX 1.3 (it will be released as soon as its ready – good things take time :<) ).

Oracle wise (not the actual company) I think that JavaFX 1.3 will most likely be released around the middle of December after the release of NetBeans 6.8. Again I am just repeating what I have mentioned in a previous post. It will be most interesting to see exactly when JavaFX 1.3 is released. Apparently JavaFX 1.3 will be targeted for release around Jan/Feb 2010 (Jonathan Giles mentioned this in a Twitter) which is a long time away. Prism will most likely not appear in JavaFX 1.3, but will be demonstrated at JavaOne 2010. A possible reason for this might be that Prism will be handling full 3D in the next release of JavaFX after SoMa.

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