01 March 2010

JavaFX Mobile

Currently JavaFX Mobile is only available on Windows Mobile devices (ones that run Windows Mobile 6 or later). Although this was a reasonable start for JavaFX on the mobile side initially its biggest competitor (Flash) has made a bit of a head start. Flash is now being supported on a few major mobile platforms (Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile). Mobile development is an area that JavaFX can excel in provided JavaFX is supported on a wide number of mobile platforms and devices.

What are Oracle's plans for JavaFX Mobile? What new capabilities are going to be added to JavaFX Mobile? No mention has been made by Oracle on when JavaFX Mobile tooling will be made available on Linux (eg emulators, libs). This is important if JavaFX is going to be supported on Android mobile devices. At JavaOne 2008 some JavaFX applications were demoed on an Android device.

So far nothing has been mentioned since on JavaFX support for Android. What is the current status on the JavaFX Mobile runtime for Android? If it is anything like the Java runtime for Windows Mobile (codenamed Captain America) it will eventually be released to the public, hopefully.

Oracle will need to announce significant plans for JavaFX Mobile that will keep its marketing on track, by making deals that will see JavaFX supported on more major mobile platforms. Without making JavaFX available on a wide range of devices Oracle is breaking JavaFX's marketing statement, “JavaFX enables developers and content creators to quickly develop interactive applications that can easily be deployed across the widest variety of client devices - from mobile devices to desktops, to next generation television devices”.

It may be necessary for Oracle to develop and support multiple JavaFX Mobile runtimes (in house) in order to accelerate the deployment of JavaFX on mobile devices. Oracle needs to put its actions, and money where its mouth is in order for JavaFX to excel in the mobile area.

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