16 March 2010

Scripting In JavaFX Script

Scripting is all about direct/accessible programming that can be used to quickly create small to medium sized programs. When it comes to scripting it does not always mean a dynamic programming language has to be involved. Static languages like Scala can be treated as though they do provide programming in a scripting like way.

A static programming language could be used instead provided there is a program that can behave like an interpreter to handle the source files. Also the programming language must not impose any structural conditions (eg a class must be defined in the source file first) in order for a program to work. In the case of JavaFX Script one can include statements straight away in a fx file without having to define a class first, hence the script part of the name.

There is a class in the JavaFX API that can handle basic scripting in a limited way, which would act as a reasonable starting base for a basic JavaFX Script interpreter. The FXEvaluator class allows JavaFX Script source to be evaluated provided javafxc.jar is in the application's classpath. It should be noted however that the source is evaluated by FXEvaluator without any specified context. Therefore any state created created during the evaluation of the source cannot be used by other scripts.

Should JavaFX become fully open sourced, and have its own interpreter (to compliment the compiler) then it could have its own unique place with the major Linux distributions. Imagine JavaFX being bundled with future versions of Ubuntu for instance. JavaFX Script could secure its place in Linux by providing scripting for creating basic GUI applications since, the GUI support is built in, easy to create a GUI application with very few lines of code, and the programming language is very easy to pick up.

Currently no other scripting languages that are bundled with the major Linux distributions allow GUI applications to be easily created since they are designed to create console applications, hence the creation of GUI applications is an afterthought (done through extensions – eg libraries). Linux needs its own GUI scripting language, not one where GUI support is an afterthought. This could be a golden opportunity for JavaFX to significantly increase its rate of adoption, and have other people involved with improving the technology.

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